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this is the lily zombielandsaga of good luck... like/boost to have good luck for the rest of your (eternal?) life

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a kind of visually overwhelming political cartoon 



ok i've only listened to the first 2 songs so far and i already knew them before buying this album but like, i'm sure it's true

somi looks so nervous in her performances... it's really unfair for an 18yo girl to be going through all this

hm how come cherry bullet is the best gg of all time

i was really excited for the new rv album but these teaser are these

Just saw a girl with the left side of her hair in a braid and the right side just loose. Holy shit I'm a lesbian

father's day 


it's funny how in kpop, people can be as bigoted as they want, treat women like shit, etc etc but if they do one (1) drug... it's over for them.... interesting to say the least

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