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if you follow this account for pictures, you're mostly getting my weird k-pop thoughts and a fuck ton of youtube videos, with a splash of personal life ranting.

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hello! i made an account here on because i have too many k-pop thoughts.

i'm more into 2nd gen groups and i try my best to keep an open mind but i am so picky and i am INTENSE with what i like.

my pronouns are she/her. please just refer to me by my handle, thank you!

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my current fandoms (with biases):

- 2NE1 (CL)
- MAMAMOO (Solar)
- LADIES' CODE (Sojung)
- SHINee (Taemin)
- AoA (Choa)
- Taeyeon
- BoA

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it's been over a decade since tarantellegra came out. baby me thought it was revolutionary when it came out

i downloaded a shit ton of albums but i'm putting off listening to them because "i want to be present" when i listen to them for the first time (like i did with Kai's first mini album). as a result i've mostly been listening to the rest of my library AKA old j-rock/visual kei


i used to make any new friends listen to all 29 minutes of Art of Life as initiation :yujincringe:

All right, internet. I need help. Pls to be hitting me up with any of your recs for Mandarin-language punk, metal, industrial, dubstep, EBM, EDM, or related-genre bands.

I am needing this for Reasons. Thanking you.


anyway remember when the anime man aka joey did an interview with gackt and it was both the most awkward and hilarious thing ever? i need more english gackt content please ๐Ÿ™

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each of the malice mizer vocalists were really great.

i was JUST about to say gackt was overrated but i'm currently listening to merveilles and i forgot how many bangers were on it.

if klaha and tetsu had longer tenures, i'm sure they would have produced just as many bangers.

George Floyd memorial day 

It's been two years since he was murdered. His killer cop is in jail for a long time. The three asshole cops who aided the killer cop are convicted of civil crimes and awaiting criminal charges in a couple weeks.
The square is still there with its statue and community, and they're holding events for the next few days. An angelversary candelight vigil is tonight.

Today's rain might be fitting as today might be the day to mourn.

SHINee day live event 

it's ending already?? i will be on time for work after all

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I started writing this in all caps but suddenly decided against it lol

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Straight from Minho's mouth: TAEMIN gained so much weight it is so cute

SHINee day live event 

key realizing that baby shawol means a new fan and not like a young fan hahaha

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re: shinee anniversay live live tooting (no image descr) 


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SHINee day live event, alcohol 

SHINee mojito needs to be a drink. lol fuck i want to drink now but it is only 8 am!!!

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SHINee day live event 

SM PLEASE make a SHINee world tour happen ๐Ÿ™

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