top 5 adlibs in dun dun dance

5. durundun dancee dancee
4. disco ball~~ hahaha
3. lets get it~
2. woo~! crazy!!
1. HUAH!!!!!!

spotify is just a library of music nfts you can subscribe to

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just had the thought "if you can pirate a song, buying it is like buying nft" and i feel like i found a new cognitohazard

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still thinking about konnichiwa watashi wa loona no bibi desu

jyp needs to chill a little with these debuts lol :sakukek:

i want to post to my heart's content. but alas. video formats befuddle me

⚠️ extremely important video!!! ⚠️

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바이컀 μ—¬μžμΉœκ΅¬ μ†μŠΉμ™„

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the reason nobody tries to write interesting tinder bios is that as soon as you do dudes start opening with "you're so funny 🀣"

lol @ me struggling to send a dm, then seeing a netflix ad for a highschool anime about a girl who can't communicate, and actually getting tempted to binge the whole thing :chaewonlt: i am not immune to propaganda

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