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there's this one photo of matty healy that I just find is very pretty


sometimes, I'm just having a day and then I remember that I got Furuta Nimura in a "which tokyo ghoul character are you" quiz, and then have to take a moment to fully process how mentally ill I am

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breaking news: cooked asparagus works on a touchscreen


I had beef with a mate and she's coming at me for being on the tumblr dash but not talking to her.

I'm like– Girl you pissed me off, refused to take me seriously and now are whining that I'm ignoring you?

monwenee twitter is vile lately I'm so glad I seem to be the only really active monsta x stan on mastodon. No drama

dang I need to make a carrd for my new twt

escaping your own fandom is stan twitter culture at this point

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I ended up making a new twitter gimmick account loool

I ran out of Hyungwon pictures. I'm fucked

I'm literally eating right now to procrastinate my work

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Oh you're racist?

Name three of your alts I can block
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rip my queer party mutuals

i hope that gets fixed

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