if I block six more people on twitter I'll reach a 300 blocked account milestone.

Still wanna know why those 57 people've blocked me though. Like what did I do to piss you off, I wanna know so I can take pride in it

Biggest flex is being a pretty sleeper and this man HAS IT

I'm alive so I gift y'all a pic of Hyungwon

idk how to add alt text on toot so I'm sorry about that, but it's a picture of Hyungwon in a white shirt wearing black headphones and covering his mouth because he's laughing. His hair's pink.


she's so cute (that's ny aunt's cat)

shitpost, obama, harry potter 

ekhsaiudhaiushdjaQW?!??!§)"Ü"! WHAT

wonho clown meme I made 

throwback to this

his shirt is on my roblist
look at how big it is, that's a hermit's dream
why don't the shops where I live sell massive shirts, or am I just not looking right...

big dude in shorts making snow duckies to cheer up his staff (it worked)

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