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something I like about Tokyo Ghoul is that Eto's cause is a world for ghouls and humans, only she doesn't put up with "we must protest peacefully" because if they protest, they will be killed for existing.
She's recognised that you have to fuck up an oppressive system and give it a factory reset, and fights for that. I think Kaneki takes that on to a degree?

he wants to negotiate, but he's recognised that humans will never willingly+

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tokyo ghoul 

+ negotiate with ghouls to find a way to live together without it being a world of murder and loss, so he goes by "bring them to the table to talk by force". E.C he makes his organisation threatening and fights people, but he refuses to kill them and instead lays pressure on them as the One-Eyed King.+

tokyo ghoul 

+ when he started out, he didn't want to hurt anybody and just coexist, but he's now recognised that he has to fight to live, because the system he lives in will never listen to ghouls without them being threatening.

Essentially, I think Furuta was also right? Furuta essentially is just a rogue V puppet, he really just wanted to have Rize with him lol
But to get that, he fought with an oppressive organisation that profits+

tokyo ghoul 

+ off of the everlasting feud between ghouls and humans, and he furthered it's cause. He's not really an ally to anybody except himself and his ideals.
That's why he clashes with Eto, who wants a world where ghouls can live freely.

But Furuta's once said something (I don't think he really cared) that if you create a big enough enemy, both humans and ghouls will have to work together.
And he kinda did, by fucking up Kaneki like that.
Ghouls and humans had to work together+

tokyo ghoul 

now they live in co-existence. What happened was also fundamentally what Eto wanted;

Dragon Kaneki fucked up the world and society and gave it a reset. The CCG was ended, and science to understand ghouls and enable peace was started. +

tokyo ghoul 

I also like how Kimi was such a big role towards the end. She started off as one of the few people who understood ghouls, and she loved a ghoul.

She then disappeared for a big part and showed up again was one of Kanou's researchers, because she wanted his knowledge to help create that world where ghouls and humans could co-exist, because she loved a ghoul and wanted to be by his side without him having to live in fear of murder

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