prince winwin and prince ten dancing together i'm screaming

i just L o V e how totally over love music is, i am here for that

i can vibe with 's "kill this love"

i'm just not convinced Rosé can drive LOL

"indifferent but chic" they really nailed that concept

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in a completely unrelated note, 's "bout u" makes me feel so validated

there is, indeed, something 'bout me, these boys are right

the ultimate leftist kpop experience is feeling salty @ one's self for supporting corporate music and rejoicing every time some small form of humanity start leaking out

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jehyun main dancer 👐 i'm always a sucker for clean footwork 👐

's showcase "bout u" performance jehyun is smiling so hard i'm dead 💘

i hope they release an mv for "bout u" ):

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i never wished someone was gay harder than i wish irene is gay 💄

can't be the only one not surprised about Seungri 🤷🤷🤷

i only wish justice for his victims 💔

renjun is really out here trending in germany

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