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also here's my listography if you wanna see my onions on peak performances by talent

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day6 - jae
loona - choerry, olivia hye
stray kids - jisung
twice - jihyo, sana
seventeen - junhui
nct - haechan, renjun
bts - suga
clc - yeeun
red velvet - irene, yeri
soloists - holland, hyuna, sunmi

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if loona doesnt release something tomorrow im suing broke bitch company

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i love jeon heejin
i love kim hyunjin
i love cho haseul
i love im yeojin
i love wong kahei
i love kim jungeun
i love jung jinsol
i love choi yerim
i love ha sooyoung
i love kim jiwoo
i love park chaewon
i love son hyejoo

like literally her most recent ig post is a about kpop we stan a legend

technically anything zhenya says or does is kpop related bc she does stan exo

that video of zhenya on her ig story just being excited to be in russia is the cutest shit ive seen all day

ok but like what if i did a loona as mbmbam video???

shout out to for talking about eating crayons as children for literally no reason

me seeing literally any idol do the heart apple: wow 's impact

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god i wish we could hoard @'s on this platform cause no one has @jaesix and i want it but i dont wanna remake lmao

me when i first listened to : hmm rappers are defs not ncts strong suit lmao
me now: no hetero but i do love mark

why are twices christmas songs so???? good?????

to be fair tho knowing my friends we'll all just get really drunk and watch ghibli movies

we really stan my best friend being asked to house sit and immediately telling the gc that shes throwing a party at this house

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LOONA should collab w tablo or epik high instead of grimes or literally anyone else besides grimes

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