:aXiaotingOhh: both the biggest girl groups of 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen making their comeback next month :thinking_happy: Interesting :thinking_happy: I never thought that this could ever happen. I'm actually interested in the "competition" aspect for once :GoWonThinkies:

"H1KEY official 1st Day Sales:

RUN - 674 copies
Athletic Girl - 2 copies"

I'm so happy for them :wendysmile:

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♪ breathe in, breathe out, heartbeat, up down ♪ :GoWonHeart:

Cute pink gym outfits, cute Hwiseo buns, cute dribbling choreography, cute :joycute: (*attached a better Video*) youtu.be/ea2ILrlX7BY

*listening to the bsides*
They're going "woof woof" in Catch 'n' Release :joylaugh:

Sorry I'm so hyped :kaeunlaugh: I'm just so so so excited for my 2022 Dark Horse Rookie GG's comeback :sparkling_stars: :yurihappyfeels: :sparkling_stars:

Omg Seoi said "toss away all your stress" and my stress was literally yeeted :kaeuncry:

The lyrics is a 1000/10!!!!!!!!! So wholesome forreal :heejinheart:

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