Psy and aespa attended the Hanyang University Festival... :FeelsLifeMan:

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it's so nice to see how many people are here now, like 4 years ago i saw this instance rech the goal of 100 people and i was FREAKING about it dksjsbdbd

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#feditips : There are 4 post privacy settings! "Public", "Unlisted", "Followers Only", and "Direct".

Public posts are put on the local and federated timelines, as well as your own personal timeline. Anyone on the fediverse can see public posts.

Unlisted posts are put only on your timeline, though visible to everyone. Unlisted posts function as public posts, but without announcing the post to all of fedi.

Followers Only posts are put on your timeline, but only visible to your followers list. If your account is locked (followers have to be approved) these posts will only be seen by your friends.

Direct posts function as Direct Messages. They aren't put on your public timeline, and are only visible by you, the person you're sending it to, and the admins. Instance admins do not read direct posts unless there is severe concern.

@8 wasn't the season 2 of single's inferno already announced?

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also banned the ISP from registering new account

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