I enabled full-text search for the instance. Enjoy enhanced search on over 1 million toots!

You can register yourself in the public profile directory of kpop.social: kpop.social/explore

I update the instance from 2.6.5 to 2.7.2 :) enjoy

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Highlights from v2.7.2:

The error page elephant animation is now hover-to-play

The conversations column now always displays the list of other participants in the conversation, instead of the most recent one

Unicode in URLs and quotations around them get turned into links the expected way now

New checks guard the ActivityPub inbox against storing deliveries that nobody asked for

And many other fixes

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#Mastodon v2.7.2 is out 🎉


It is a backport release, which means if you are running from the master branch, it's not for you.

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Zion.T & JungKook - Yanghwa BRDG [2015 KBS Song Festival / 2016.01.23]

is this what heavens looks like?

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