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I noticed the Kpop community was missing on the fediverse, so I decided to create this instance,

It's now opened!

Here is my introduction post:

Enjoy :dubuok:

and I'm talking about the music you hear when passing in front of shops etc which is everywhere and so awesome

And surprisingly, La vie en rose of IZ*ONE

When I was in Seoul, the artists I heard the most in the streets were TWICE, BLACKPINK, IU and BTS

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When Kpop idols have their birthday, I see ad posters in the subway. Today is the birthday of BLACKPINK's Jisoo:

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#Mastodon v2.6.3:

Another backport. There is an important performance fix that was missing in 2.6.2 and some smaller fixes.

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The only Kpop instance in the fediverse! 👏
Any Kpop fan is welcome and we're open to the Korean culture too.