Sorry I haven't tooted in a while,,

Been losing interest in Kpop for some reason

Currently watching PreCure stuff, especially star twinkle precure

I want to cry Loonas comeback is so good :)))) the representation in this freaking mv

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why did I not pay more attention to nct I’m starting to dig into their songs I Guess

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BLACKPINK is making history by being the very first korean act to perform at coachella!!!

Looks like Loona is having another concert...

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this song just brings back all the sad times hahahah

I’m hoping that Grimes collabs with Loona again.

anyways I cannot wait for Loona's comeback!

that feel when you have deleted your

- Google Account
- Twitter Account

which made it almost unaccesible to Loona news ahahah

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I'm dying 🤣 YG didn't let iKON and BLACKPINK meet bc maybe they'd date but now Kai and Jennie are dating and there are rumors about Jinhwan and Jinwoo dating 🤣🤣🤣

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