bruh momento, Stray Kids are going to perform in al riyadh and I'm stuck here w/o enough money to go there.
IG I'll have to wait this out till it resolves itself

Used to make these animated PFP with my phone, now y'all gonna take a break from moving guys in square frames..

Believe me when I say that I'll only post once and I'll get lazy and hesitant to do more stuff on those accounts, and as for learning and computer stuff I might not go according to plan because of time constraints or sudden changes in daily plans..

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Honestly speaking, I still don't feel like I'm living my life to its fullest. I wanna make more alter ego accounts and post stuff in it 24/7 and at the same time try new computer stuff and learn many things at once.

I guess that's the perfect thing for me or whatever you may call it lol.

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ok :chaewonlt: :choerrynlt: i might actually have covid after all :chaewonkms:

JoJo great anime series 10/10 would stan Josuke

Hmm.. I'd like to see Daehyeon & RAVN rap together it feels like their styles are so close I'd totally go for that!

Why are some groups I talked about or had seen not present here? Because I still haven't learned enough about them and for that I'll have to give it some more time.

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Bias list as follows (valid as of posting date, and till I post the next, more updated ver.):

MONSTA X: Hyungwon (Should've been I.M but I find him more relatable, ULT BTW)
ATEEZ: Mingi & Seonghwa (Why choose 1 when you can choose 2)
A.C.E: HmmMmMmM it's very hard.. OK then I'd say Donghun, BK and Jun since I've always focused on them.
WEi: Donghan and Seokhwa ❣️ (It wasn't supposed to be difficult but it actually is.)
PIXY: Dajeong πŸ₯°

If I made a mistake pls tell

Then it's considered! I'm too tired now though, I'll do it later.

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Should I make a bias list?

I just found my pixy bias, she's 1 year younger than me. If you know me very well you'll know who I'm talking 'bout πŸ‘€

Seonghwa.. You got me with that pink hair 😫
Stop playin' with us like that, I might change my bias after a long while πŸ‘€

ATEEZ's turbulence is so great, after hearing all of their previous albums and then this particular song.. It had an astounding effect on me, a lot of emotions in this one πŸ₯ΊπŸ’– I'm sooo glad to be an ATINY!! ❣️

WTF shownu's voice is in the dreaming I thought he got out of the military somehow

Listening to onewe while working is a vibe

Just noticed that ONEUS doesn't upload MVs under the "RBW Entertainment" channel but they upload it on their own channel! I like that way of doing things πŸ‘Œ

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