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Yikes aespa discord is flooded by trolls pretending to be outraged and the 1 mod does not know how to handle the server :vividisgust:

Uh oh the angry Twitter mob is after Giselle today

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Lol in her IG live Wendy said she works at Kwangya :seulgilaugh:

I'll be surprised if any TXT stans.. I mean Bahi fans actually stick around for Bahi

Sucks for Yurina but it is obvious from the votes that she was just a filler pick when everyone had to pick a Japanese trainee

I wanted Fu Yaning for the drama but we got Kang Yeseo in top 9 so I'm not complaining lol

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I see a lot of people crying about the results but really the only people who got shafted were Fu Yaning and Su Ruiqi... The top 9 pretty well followed the voting totals

Crazy how we went from Chinese member domination to 1 Chinese member barely making it in at 9th

Chaehyun #1!! 👑 👑 👑

A little disappointed Bahi made it in but not surprised

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