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Uh oh this means only one of Yurina and Xiaoting can make 9th

Yeo Jingoo misplaced his cue cards lol

Tiffany in the audience telling Yeo Jingoo to hurry up :irenelaugh:

Yeo Jingoo has been staring at the camera without saying anything for like 5 minutes lmao I'm dying

It's time for the final debut group announcement :chuuscream:

Wen Zhe's dad is just as much of a meme as her :wonkekw:

Pretty sure Dayeon's mom got more screentime than some of the low rank girls lmao

Voting is over Chaehyun let's debut!!!!!!

If anyone still believes the Yaning Yujin drama wasn't staged after that there is no helping them

Jesus they're drawing out the rank 9 announcement so much and it's just the interim ranking :wonkekw:

I guess it's not any more stupid than iz*one

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Xiaoting and Hikaru competing for 9th :choerryNLTzoom:

Wow Loona did 3 live streams today what is going on

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