Lmao aespa stan accounts are now commenting on how they think fansites are creepy now that aespa are back in Korea and they already got to enjoy the pictures

@thered It was a manila envelope and the subs said "unidentifiable envelope"

I wonder what was in the envelope Irene burned.. maybe all of her fan mail :irenelaugh:

Now that we're seeing all the year end charts and awards, I can firmly say 2021 was a year for soloists. It wasn't just me that thought the vast majority of group releases were mediocre at best

Moonbyul commented on Taeyeon's IG asking if she's allowed to like her posts and call her unnie and then proceeded to like 600 posts lmao

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@katie I love how she can't hold her laughter when the crowd cheers at the start :yeojinsmile:

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I took a quick bath with my tablet and #IU's "Love Poem" #Blueming performance popped up on my random playlist and I realized that she's so gorgeous and talented and her voice is like honey and I love her so much!!!

The best part about these photos is Moonbyul is hunched over to make Taeyeon look tall :seulgilaugh:

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