I will never understand fans who are vocal about hating SM but are constantly praying that RV renews their contract

I hope Newsen never gets rid of their Suzy finger heart intro :chuublanket:

Every time I listen to Ailee's lose myself to you I always hear the chorus as "need that bitch a shower" :yeojin_cry:

Fuck all these fake fans who are upset about Joy solo

Joy solo debut!!!!!!!!!!!! Hype!!!!!!!!!!!! :joyahh: :joyahh: :joyahh: :joyahh: :joyahh:

So many salty gugudan fans (?) on every Sejeong news post

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baby stans: *freaking out about iz*one members joining pre-existing groups*
me: *takes a drag on my cigarette* here we go again

Also imagine relying on YouTube comments to get easily google-able information :vividisgust:

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I keep listening to the Yuqi teaser her voice is so good

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