I hate everyone who defends hardsubbing :hyunjingrump:

I can't get over weathergirl Joy and raincoat Seulgi omg they're so cute

Can't believe Loona only got 2 songs :yeojinfeels:

Thankful for the 3 orbits that are streaming everything :chuublanket:

Choi Li, Eve, and Ko Won are my favorite Loona members :choerrywig:

How did kcon misspell every Loona member's name lmao

Just realized that reve festival day 2 means we hopefully never have to see the day 1 outfits again :blobblush:

Joy posting drunk instagram selfies 😅

I can't believe that the us won't let in a girl who lived in Texas for 8 years :vividisgust:

Chung ha and oneus couldn't get visas to come to kcon. I'm glad Loona made it ok :choerrywig:

I'm glad Vivi doesn't have any social media so she doesn't get pressured to sell out her country to China 😔

Can't believe we're getting all this Loona Kcon content and then right after that rv comeback :blobblush:

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