Just found a guy who uploads IG lives that adds a watermark, squashes the video horizontally, and somehow manages to make the quality significantly worse than IG's already potato video quality :joywtf:

Was going to watch some dramas but I got so hype from attack on titan that I had to take a break

Almost as cringey as going into someone's live and telling them to say hello to your country is going into someone's live and telling them to go to sleep

Ailee's bf on Ilee Night no one saw this coming :joysmug:

Every time I see an IU account post about some record of hers that she broke again it's always so absurdly high.. 92 lmao

Thanks for all the aespa content SM but how about something that was filmed this year or maybe a vlive :yvespray:

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I'm going on tiktok just for Hyelin at this point

Can't believe Wendy described aespa as like babies when Wendy is half their height

Still can't believe Heejin went vegan I'm shocked

Wendy supporting her bff Sejeong ๐Ÿ˜Œ

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