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@8 time to do what kpoppies do best... close my eyes and pretend it isn't happening

They started out strong with sunny side up but the rest of the teasers... 😬

As usual rv's title track is going to be the worst song

Ok Wendy looks like a bird in these teasers

Oh my god the Joy teasers.. please just come and murder me Park Sooyoung

I don't usually get very excited for Yeri things but I am hype for law of the jungle

SM is hiding in the back with their NGG waiting to debut them until one of these scandals hits an SM artist

Was Han Seo Hee like the official corporate drug dealer for all of YG entertainment or what... this girl has so much dirt and isn't afraid of going down with them

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SBS is going to edit B.I. out of Law of the Jungle law like he wasn't even there... lol what

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