Joy is so cute in this dog show 😭 :seulgicry:

Joy is nominated for Bonsang at Melon 🥳 :viviclap:

That baby Krystal airline advertisement :joyahh: :chuublanket:

RV naughty is such a fucking banger omg

Please music bank cameraman why can't you film the seulrenesunmichungha interactions

That Yves log was.. something.....

Never expected to see Solar getting a commercial truck license on her channel.....

Love to read Yeabin from Hinapia's Instagram Q&A because it's all marriage proposal rejections

Finally got a rip of naughty... rv bsides are always great

Joy is filming a 3rd salty tour?? Just make her a permanent member

Handong did a scream dance practice :hyunjinshock:

I can't believe SM didn't catch 3 nip slips in this MV fucking yikes

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